Last year I visited Florence with my partner and as the hours approached leaving we both agreed we could quite easily sod off everything and live there. We stayed in a super sweet air bnb right next to the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence.

It’s hard to fault anything - well - I can't speak Italian so that may be the only minus, but hey, that can be learnt!

It’s easy to understand if you have been, everything is in walking distance. There is constant beauty and detail from the moment you open your eyes. Pizza and wine are on another level, so are the humongous tasty olives!!! And everyone is soooo friendly!

Each day consisted of drinking copious amounts of coffee, lots and lots of walking, hunting the best food, and indulging in gelato like nobodies business.

I didn’t actually take too many pictures - I was in constant awe! Besides the landmarks such as the Duomo (which is worth the wait) all you have to do is walk up and down the alleyways and discover beautiful little spots at every turn.

Our last night we ate at this rather fancy place where the food was bursting with flavour and ended it over the river with the arty student types dancing to Italian disco in the streets by a water fountain ( they had a portable boombox) - whilst they gushed over how wonderful it would be to live in London - I was thinking house swap anyone??

Here is a small selection of shots that I did take. I particularly liked this frame shop that had bright painted frames stacked upon each other. 

Frame shop inner Firenze

Vintage shops were otherworldly! 

Piazza del Duomo ceiling. This place made you a believer.

Piazza del Duomo, attractive tiling too!

The Boboli Gardens were a highlight!

It was hot and there are not many pictures of me - this is one.

A little nook in the Boboli gardens

True story about the Margherita pizza

Florence side street

Fancy restaurant that I can't remember the name of but hofngdvskdfbhdj on the fried sage topping ravioli!!!! 

Even the police are stylish!

That's in from me. All I can say is go do! This place will have a piece of your heart forever ^^