Whilst cutting and quality checking a run of my facial rounds today I engaged in watching - David Attenborough's First life - The origin of life.   

I was inspired by the beauty of some of the names of the first species and how they came to evolve.

For billions of years, there was single-cell life, living cells that had been produced by division simply drifted away from each other. With the aid of increased oxygen - some cells were sticking together. Some of these clumps ultimately evolved into animals. Furthermore, in 2007, palaeontologist Professor Mary Droser discovered some fossils that showed evidence of animals reproducing sexually some 550 million years ago.

The animal is known as Funisia and by exchanging genetic material with other individuals - gene swapping (sex) greatly accelerated variation, and therefore evolution. 

Pretty incredible...

picture credit: Daniel Garson, Droser lab, UC Riverside

Funisia dorothea seen branching in a fossil excavated in South Australia. Credit: Droser lab, UC Riverside

So in conclusion, we all came from little wobbly things at the bottom of the sea.