Hi everyone and welcome to my little world of •OOOF• 
My name is Crizanne Bracken and I have a background in Fashion Textiles and Design with a deep interest in sustainability. I studied in my homeland Australia on the beautifully sunny Sunshine coast. I now reside and make in London.
Over the years it has become more evident the pressure in my life and in all of ours to make some changes. That's where  •OOOF•  steps in. 
By choosing small swaps in your life we can make a difference. Organic, ethical, sustainable are not words I just want to throw onto a brand and jump on some wave! We should already be on that wave and everything should be well on its way into these categories (insert panic button). I'm not going to preach too much - there are others that can express better than what I can put into words. I will say that I am proud of my small contribution and back the items I make and brands I collaborate with, and all the game changers out there that are doing their thing.
By working little parts of organic and ethical practices into our lives, as well as keeping our footprint emissions low, you too can join the troop of agents of change. 
I look forward to meeting all of you that follow the same practices and welcoming everyone willing to try and give back to this beautiful planet we live on.
Meet me Sundays at the Horniman Museum gardens farmer market 10 - 3. Drop me a line any time ooofyourlife@gmail.com or via instagram @ooof.life
Big hugs,
Crizanne x